2012 Rovinj, Croatia


Classic Tournament: OAB Minas Gerais Classic (Brasil) 

Master Tournament: Mexico I (Mexico)


73 teams were present for the 16° MUNDIAVOCAT, 38 in Classic and 35 in Master. 

All participants spent really nice time together during the draw, the 2 parties and the awarding ceremony! They also enjoyed the city of Rovinj which is really a nice place.

2010 Antalya, Turkey

Winners: Classic tournament: Rome Dream Team
Masters tournament: Costa Rica

Back in Antalya, all participants were accommodated in the same hotel. We lived a really nice competition with great social events, High-quality pitches and a really good competition.

Marrakesh, Morocco 1984

Winners: Liège

For the 2nd edition, we came back in Morocco. The tournament was still arousing Moroccan enthusiasm. Liege won the finale in front of 11000 people. The stadium was sold out, and given the entry was free, 2000 people stayed outside.


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